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Summary of Time & Attendance Solutions

Enterprise Suite on Demand Web Solutions

Experience one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and labour management applications on the market. This application has been created to address the complex and evolving needs within your industry. Not only does it collect attendance data, but it allows for powerful reporting and configurability to fulfill virtually any business requirement. This product includes: accrual builder, time-off requests, year-to-date reporting, exceptions tracking, job costing, and much more.

Features include employee and manager self-service (ESS and MSS) workflows, configurable business logic, mass edit capabilities, multi-level security, and rich data collection options.

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Enterprise Suite On Demand Web Solutions

Enterprise Suite Premier PC Solutions

Our time and attendance system is designed to improve the efficiency of your payroll administrator and payroll processing time can be cut in half. Enterprise Suite software is an easy-to-use automated time and attendance system that offers:

Time & Attendance
Labour Costing
Vacation Scheduler
HR Module

Our software provides flexibility because we understand that each company may have unique requirements. Enterprise Suite software manages the data collected from the terminals or PCs when employees punch in and out. Payroll data and reports can be printed from your PC or electronically interfaced directly into your payroll software or service.

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Enterprise Suite Premier

Employee Self Service Kiosk (Add-On Module)

Employee Self Service Kiosk is an interactive way to offer employees access to the computer network or intranet for the purpose of acquiring information and accessing data. They can request time off and view time sheets without having to physically go to the HR office or supervisor.

Employee Kiosk gives employees easy access to self-service functions for time and attendance information.
Kiosks provide HR self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers, or those not located near an HR office.
Kiosks can be touchscreen-enabled and located in high employee traffic areas or a centralized area.
Employees have 24/7 access to HR information without the need for human intervention, which reduces costs and increases convenience for employees.
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Employee Self Service Kiosk

Job Costing Module (Add-On Module)

Job Costing allows you to track the progress of a job or work order, from start to finish. This information can be used to accurately forecast and budget your labour and overhead costs to ensure that each stage of the job stays within budget.

Job Costing provides information that is useful for:


Tracking Direct or Indirect Labour
Reporting & Exporting all Detailed Information
Identifying the Most & Least Profitable Areas of Your Business
Reports can be Directly Exported to Microsoft® Excel, MS Word, PDF, or HTML
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Job Costing Module

PC Entry (Add-On Module)

Features and Benefits:


Definable Function Keys (e.g., Job In, Job Out or Work Order)
Employees simply enter their badge or PIN number to punch in or out right from their desk (very user-friendly)
Optional wedge reader can be added if you prefer employees to swipe in or out on a slot reader as opposed to manual entry through the keyboard
SQL Compatible — No Additional Seat Licenses Required
Resides on Your Network as a Virtual Terminal
Replaces traditional data collection terminals with virtual data collection, resulting in huge cost savings!
Ability to validate punch, employees, work order, etc.
Dropdown Lookup List Available
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PC Entry (Add-On Module)

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