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Attendance Management Software in Toronto

You try to be an understanding employer, but you need to focus on your company’s bottom line. If employees are adding minutes to their lunches or leaving a few minutes early every day, you’re losing money. With attendance software at your Toronto business, as well as time management software, you’ll be able to keep track of clock in and out times along with what your workforce is doing throughout the day. This will allow you to save time and money in many ways.

If you are looking for the latest cutting-edge attendance or labour management software in Toronto that is easy to use and completely integrated, Enterprise on Demand is the solution for you!

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Uses of Attendance Software in Toronto

Time and attendance software provides you with programs that can generate, maintain and archive important payroll and tax information. This software tracks employee hours and wages paid, automates your payroll process and minimizes bookkeeping errors. Good attendance software for your Toronto business will comply with government regulations and help maximize your cash flow and limit waste.

The many bottom-line benefits associated with attendance software include:

 Simplification: Attendance software features powerful and easy interface usage which will help you simplify your time tracking process and reduce the number of hours you put in to calculating payroll, overtime, vacation and sick days and holidays. 

 Control: Without an automated time and attendance system, chances are your employees are arriving late, leaving early or taking longer lunches without your consent. With attendance software, you can control labour costs and stop overpaying your employees. 

 Elimination: It is estimated that companies without attendance software are losing as much as 5 minutes per employee per day. You can eliminate employee time theft with attendance software that requires employees to clock in and out in a specific system.

Why You Need Labour Management Software in Toronto

Labour management software is a program that collects employee activity data and reports productivity levels. It can work for groups of employees or individuals. Having labour management software at your Toronto business will help you optimize your workforce productivity through insight. You’ll be able to see where your workforce labour dollars are being spent, which will allow you to develop a plan on how to best optimize your labour.

There are some major benefits of using labour management software, including:

 Savings: Increase productivity, drive change in your teams, increase engagement and lower labour costs

 Action: Reward productive employees, evaluate and train employees and forecast staffing needs

 Data: Capture data on 100% of labour tasks by customer, by process and by employee 

 Standards: Determine standards for individuals and groups, eliminate supervisor biases and set standards fairly and consistently

Cloud Based Software Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions are perfect for companies that require guaranteed access to data 24/7, no downtime, and have multiple work locations. With Enterprise on Demand, you can access time and labour management information at any time and from anywhere in the world. Whether employees are at home or on-the-go, they can view essential information and create time-off requests through a smartphone or computer. Also, managers have the ability to view employee activities and approve requests.

If you are looking for the latest cutting-edge software that is easy to use and completely integrated, Enterprise on Demand is the solution for you!

With Enterprise on Demand, the clouds are always within reach! Learn more about our Cloud Based Solutions today!

Enterprise Suite Premier: PC Based / Client Server Solutions

Enterprise Suite Software manages the data collected from terminals and PCs when employees punch in and out. Payroll data and reports can be printed from a PC, or electronically interfaced directly into your payroll software or service.

No matter what size company you may have, we can find a solution that works within your budget, while making your organization more efficient and profitable. No internet connection is required to maintain constant control of your company’s information.

Cloud Based Solutions

PC Based / Client Server Solutions

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