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Data Collection

Employee Time Recording & More in Toronto

In order for your company to be productive and profitable, you need to effectively manage your employees. The best way to do this is with employee time recording technology. Our Toronto business offers you the solutions your company needs to be viable and efficient with a wide variety of different technologies. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. helps you collect data efficiently and safely through biometrics, touchscreen, mobile data collection, as well as swipe and proximity sensors. Whether you’re new to the employee time recording game and need a simplistic system or you’re an experienced veteran interested in the latest technology, we have the perfect employee time recording solutions for your Toronto business.

Mobile Data Collection
Swipe and Proximity Terminals


Internet-based time tracking systems have the potential to be abused because, theoretically, your employees can sign in and out from anywhere they have internet access. That means if they’re on a break at the local Tim Hortons and are late for clocking back in, they can do so without even being at the office. Biometric employee time recording solutions in Toronto prevent this type of abuse because your employees must use biometric identification in order to clock in or out.



If ease of use is your main concern when it comes to employee time recording in Toronto, touchscreen data solutions are a great option. Touchscreen terminals provide an interface for employees to easily perform a wide range of tasks including clocking in, performing job costing and more. With just one touch, your employees can confirm hours, meals and breaks. These systems are smart and adaptive, offering clear instructions for employees and supervisors when action is required.



If you run a very on-the-go business, your employees may not have time to stop at an office to clock in before heading out and selling or promoting your product or service. A great solution to this problem is mobile employee time recording. Toronto businesses are excited about being able to use smartphone apps to allow employees to punch in and out while they’re out working. With enhanced functionality and a sleek user interface, you’ll be able to track time worked in real time.


Swipe & Proximity

Swipe and proximity readers are another fast way to track employee time recording in Toronto. Using assigned employee badges or a keypad to enter codes, your employees will be able to punch in and out with ease. They are ideal for allocating specific jobs and departments because they can accurately record shop floor information as well as time and attendance data. Some swipe and proximity systems allow for customizable reports that provide invaluable insights into production and labour data.


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