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Swipe and Proximity Terminals

Keep Your Business Secure with ID Card Readers in Canada

Swipe and Proximity Terminals use pre-assigned employee badges as a form of identification. Badges can be added, removed and reassigned through the software. It is a simple, easy and quick way for companies of any size to perform accurate time and attendance.


The SYnergy/A20 is the latest addition to the SYnergy terminal line.
Includes embedded Linux open-source OS and a powerful processor
for fast matching time while performing complex operations at the clock.

Standard Features Include:


-A20 Dual-core 1.0G high-speed processor
-6 function keys, 10 alphanumeric keys and in/out keys

-3.5" FTF high clear graphic colorLCD ( can display custom interfaces)


-Ability to store up to 10,000 fingerprint templates for biometric authentication with two sensor options: 


-Durable plastic terminal

-Multi-Network Communication: TCP/IP, WIFI, and GPRS

-Identification Methods: PIN entery, Card, Fingerprint, Fingerprint + PIN, and Fingerprint + Card

-Available Card Reader Options: Magnetic, Barcode, Synel proximity, HID, HID iClass, and Mifare

-Software Compatibilty: SDK

-Battery Backup - ability to continuosly operate even during power failure ( extended 3 hours)

-Power over ethernet ( POE) optional

-Terminal includes wall mount, Ethernet patch cable, external power adapter, and 4GB micro SD card



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Hand Punch
Facial Recognition
Hand Vascular

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