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Facial Recognition


Making verification possible in a "TOUCH LESS" world

Facial Recognition Workforce Solutions in Toronto

Solutions to Help Organizations

To make the verification process effortless in your organization, use facial recognition workforce solution systems. The facial recognition system is a technology that identifies or verifies the human face through a digital image or a video frame. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc offers powerful facial recognition software for organizations in Toronto.  


Medium-sized companies or large-scale organizations can deploy this system in workstations to identify employees easily. This is one of the ways to register the biometrics of an individual in an electronic system and eliminate badge swiping & buddy punching altogether.  


As a UKG partner, we offer InTouch DX Time Clock—a state-of-the-art Facial Recognition unit equipped with Employee Self Service. Experience the future of workforce management with us today.

Powerful Time & Labour Management Web Solutions

At Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc, we provide the CFR 20/20 Facial Recognition Terminal; in conjunction with our Enterprise on Demand Web Solution. 


Eliminate buddy punching and take control of your payroll process. The next generation CFR-20/20 v2 with upgraded hardware and new features offers the best value for biometric time keeping systems. The CFR-20/20 v2 uses dual HD camera technology to capture a 3D facial image map for fast, and accurate biometric identification. Its infra-red-light source enables face identification in poorly lit environments. Additionally, the CFR-20/20 v2 includes an RFID reader, and employees can punch with a durable proximity badge card or keychain fob (badges and fobs sold separately). Finally, employees can be assigned a password to punch with pin+password using the touch screen interface. Multiple communication methods include TCP/IP Ethernet (both wired and wireless WiFi included) and a USB flash drive.


The CFR 20/20 Facial Biometrics Terminal is used with an easy-to-use Web Solution called the Enterprise on Demand Solution, with the ability for editing, running reports, and exporting to most major Payroll Services and many other payroll software programs.

Facial Recognition Workforce Solution Function

A facial recognition system works based on algorithms. Just like how we see a face, the software recognizes data. It collects the data regarding the facial features of every individual. Here is a step-by-step method of how it works: 

Facial Recognition

The CFR 20/20 Facial Terminal identifies the face and captures the data either in the form of a photo or a video. It captures key  features and creates a profile.  

Mobile View

The CFR 20/20 reads the geometry of your face. For instance, some factors such as the distance between your forehead to chin, distance between the eyes and so on. It even identifies the key distinguishing factors of your face and creates a facial signature.  

Facial Recognition

The facial signature is stored as a mathematical formula. The data of every individual is stored, and a database of known faces will be created. Once a determination is made, the software can be used to determine and verify individuals when their face print matches every time.

For reliable facial recognition solutions in Toronto, contact us today. We also provide hand punch biometric systems for organizations.

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