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Reliable Solutions for Biometrics in Toronto

While electronic sign-in systems allow for easy timekeeping, many Internet-based systems have the potential to be abused. But, with biometric identification systems from Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc., you will know exactly when and where your employees clock in and out of their shifts. Hands, facial features, thumbs, and fingerprints can all be used to identify users positively. This makes our biometrics in Toronto one of the most effective and secure means to control access. 

In this advanced age of technological era, it is of utmost importance to have a simple but effective system to maintain people's physical data or proof. Organizations with employees can find it difficult to maintain the proper entry and exit timings for attendance management. Unlike earlier days, where employees were manually writing down their attendance, biometric solutions offer effective, fool-proof & automated solutions. If you want to install biometrics in Toronto and throughout Canada, reach out to Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. now.



Understanding Biometrics

Simply put, biometrics is a digital system used to identify people and grant or deny them access to certain places, data, software, etc. This identification system is based on a biological attribute such as a fingerprint, face, eyeballs, hand vascular etc., which is unique to every individual. It is one of the most secure ways of authentication. Business facilities can use this authentication method to provide safe access to visitors and employees. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. can help you deploy this access method for enhanced security at your commercial property. Call us today to learn more about our services.



Our Biometric Technologies

We provide four different types of biometric solutions for businesses in Toronto:  

1. Facial recognition  – This is one of the most accurate and fool-proof methods where the employee's identity is recorded using their face. This is a touch-free method, unlike fingerprint and hand-recognition methods.

2. Hand Vascular – This method recognizes the vascular patterns underneath the skin or at the back of the hand. 

3. Fingerprint – This is a common method of collecting data. Each employee would register their fingerprints, and it would track the schedule of their work hours, time off and so on. 

Biometric solutions have made things easier for better administration purposes. You get employee working hour details, schedules and time-off requests at your fingertips. Collect all HR information of employees and make things simpler by managing data through biometric methods. Biometrics can also function as access control systems. Check out our review page.



Common Uses of Biometrics

Some common uses of biometrics in Toronto are

1. Fingerprint scanning 

Fingerprint scanning is one of the most used biometric technologies. It is generally utilized in smartphones, laptops, and security structures to provide brief and reliable authentication. Each individual's fingerprint is unique, making this approach secure and difficult to duplicate. In the workplace, fingerprint scanners are frequently used for attendance monitoring and access control. 

2. Facial recognition 

Facial recognition is applied in numerous programs, from unlocking smartphones to enhancing security in public areas. This era captures and analyses facial capabilities to affirm identity. It is widely used in airports, casinos, and other secured areas to screen and manage access. In retail, facial reputation can enhance the customer experience by personalizing offerings. 

Call us today to learn more about our services regarding biometrics in Toronto.



Advantages of Biometrics


Using biometric systems for security is a wise and efficient option. The various benefits that come with the use of biometrics are


High accuracy

If you are looking for a system that is 100% accurate, fingerprint scanners are the world’s most sophisticated systems.


Fast access

With an efficient biometric system, you do not have to remember complex passwords or carry your smart card for access. Biometric systems are a great way to increase security without overburdening your visitors or employees with numerous credentials.


Unique identification

Biometrics work with each person’s unique identification. This helps in creating high security in your facility.



In case of an unfortunate incident, you always have data as evidence. The collected data can help you configure and analyze the situation better.


Scalable solutions

Biometric systems can be scaled up to suit business needs as your company grows. Because of their flexibility, biometric systems are one of the most sought-after security options for businesses.

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. can provide customized biometric access systems for your commercial facility as per your requirements. Call us to discuss your concerns; we will happily provide all the necessary information.

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As one of Toronto’s leading Time & Attendance companies, Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. has biometric ID terminals available to suit businesses of all sizes — call us today to discuss your business needs! or if you need biometric solutions in Toronto!

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