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Simplify Identity Verification with Facial Recognition


Try UKG's cutting-edge facial recognition unit for easy, accurate identity verification. Employee Self Service included.

Leading Enterprise Solutions in Toronto: Keeping Canadian Businesses on Time

We offer time management products and enterprise solutions for small to mid-sized businesses across Canada, focusing on Toronto and the GTA. With over 65 years of experience in implementing and servicing time management solutions, over 2,000 clients and businesses across Canada are benefitting from our consultative and handheld approach. Customer service has always been the key to our success! If you’d like to increase your productivity, reach out to Enterprise Time Recording Solutions! Our team can help you optimize all aspects of your business operations.

If you spent 50 to 60 percent of your revenue on one thing...

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Smarter Solutions for Canadian Companies

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. can help companies with smart enterprise solutions to maximize their productivity and increase efficiency.

Our services and products include:

  • Automated time & attendance calculations
    With our time and attendance software programs, we can generate, maintain and archive important payroll and HR information. By automating your payroll processes and tracking employee hours and wages paid, we can help you minimize payment errors, maximize your cash flow and save your time.


  • Human resources integration and solutions
    Our web-based integration solutions can help you streamline your human resources, track benefits administration, and training sessions and manage incident performance and other tasks that will improve employee engagement and create a positive working environment for everyone.


  • Data collection: biometrics, proximity & barcode
    We can help you record and collect employee time and attendance data efficiently and safely through biometrics, touchscreen devices, mobile data collection and swipe and proximity sensors.


  • Photo ID: badges & printers
    Whether you’d like to implement stand-alone or integrate our photo ID systems into your employee data collection and productivity systems, we have multiple options to help your business operations run more efficiently.


  • Time clocks
    Pick from various time clocks and recorders, from ID printers to traditional time, date and document stamping machines, and other efficient and affordable solutions to track and monitor your employees’ total work hours.


  • Wall clock & bell timers
    We supply stand-alone or synchronized digital clocks, time zone clocks, analog clocks and calendar clocks customized for your business needs and work environment.


  • Accessories
    From time clock ribbons, time cards, badge racks and other accessories, we carry the best products from the top manufacturers in the industry at competitive rates.

See why Canadian companies use Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. to help their organizations be more productive and profitable — talk to our timekeeping experts today!

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. offers products and services across Canada and to the local areas of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, GTA, and surrounding areas.

Control Labour Costs

Control Labour Costs

In today’s highly competitive markets, every penny counts. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. can help you maximize your time and money by tracking and controlling labour-related costs. In the not-so-distant past, factoring all the data was nearly impossible for many, but not anymore.

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. offers solutions that help Canadian businesses control their labour costs.

Stop Time Theft

Stop Time Theft

Even just a few minutes can add up to big losses over time. Did you know that out of a group of 25 employees earning $15.00 an hour, if each employee were to take an extra five minutes during lunchtime each day, this would add up to nearly $8,000 in losses every year? Not to mention the production dollars cost during periods of time theft. Time theft is one of employers' biggest issues with today’s workforce — we have the solution for you!

Canadian businesses are reducing time theft and boosting productivity with time and attendance systems from Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc.

Calculate Payroll Efficiently

Calculate Payroll Efficiently

Experts in the labour industry estimate that it takes approximately seven minutes to calculate each employee’s hours for every pay period. This may seem small, but over a year, this means spending countless dollars tabulating each employee's hours. To compound the problem, industry experts estimate it takes up to seven minutes per pay period to manually calculate hours for one employee and inaccuracies caused by human error can add up to 1-3% of the total payroll. Studies have shown that an automated system can significantly reduce time spent on verification and help eliminate the calculation and transposition errors caused by human error.


Please read testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Fast and Thorough Response

Excellent customer service experience. Fast response for the support request. Amazing troubleshooting skills.

Bilong L., Assistant Manager, McMaster University, Hospitality Services

“Very Helpful & Professional”

Great support from Enterprise technical service team, they are very helpful and professional. Quick responses for resolving any issues that we had.

Charles P., IT Manager, Dahl Brothers (Canada) Limited

What Is a Time Clock?

A time clock is an essential device used to record employee working hours. This equipment ensures accurate tracking of attendance and punctuality, streamlining payroll processes for businesses. Time clocks in Toronto are integral for companies seeking efficiency and reliability in time management. 


Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. specializes in providing high-quality time clocks in Toronto, catering to various business needs. Their products help reduce errors in manual timekeeping and improve overall operational productivity. Companies can use these time clocks to ensure precise record-keeping, fostering a transparent and organized work environment.

How Does a Time Clock Work?

Time clocks in Toronto work in a certain way.

Our services and products include:

  • Data collection from multiple systems
    Nowadays, time clocks collect statistics from numerous systems, like badge readers, biometrics, access control systems, smartphones, interactive voice reaction (IVR) structures, the Internet, and Point of Sale (POS) systems. This versatility ensures that personnel can clock inside and outside using a high-quality approach that suits their working environment. 


  • Enhanced productivity and minimal errors
    Automated time clocks in Toronto enhance productivity and reduce mistakes. By decreasing the need for manual information entry, organizations can save time and reduce the chance of human errors. Automation guarantees that time and attendance data are accurate and updated, leading to smoother payroll processing and compliance with labour policies.


  • Support for a wide range of employment agreements
    Modern time clocks are designed to house numerous employment agreements, which include full-time, half-time, shift work, and freelance arrangements. This flexibility is essential for groups that hire a large team of workers with one-of-a-kind running styles.


  • Integration with payroll systems and hosting services
    One of the essential functions of current time clocks is their ability to integrate seamlessly with payroll systems and web hosting services. This integration permits the automatic transfer of time and attendance information to payroll structures, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring timely and correct payroll processing.

Contact us today to learn more about time clocks in Toronto and how we can help you.

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