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Client Server Solutions

Not Comfortable on the ‘Cloud’ Yet?

Enterprise Suite is a client server based Time & Attendance solution designed to improve the efficiency of your payroll administrator and cut your payroll processing time by half. Enterprise Suite is completely scalable, serving single and multiple locations, small or large employee counts, and those with complex pay rules.

Enterprise Suite handles:

Collecting data to establish regular, overtime and premium worked hours
Encompasses the tracking of all human resources information
Year-to-date statistics
Sick days
Upload data to most payroll services and software capable of importing files
Client Server Solutions

Employee Self Service Kiosk (Add-On Module)

The Employee Self Service Kiosk allows employees to easily access time and attendance information, request time off, and view timesheets without having to meet with a human resources associate. This is the best solution to reduce costs and is more convenient for employees. Touchscreens can be used with this option or a designated PC can be used as a central employee kiosk.

The kiosk provides 24-hour self-service functions to employees without access to desktop computers. The kiosk uses touchscreen technology to simplify the process.

Employee Self Service Kiosk (Add-On Module)

Job Costing (Add-On Module)

With the Job Costing Module, you are able to track the progress of a job or work order. The information gathered can accurately forecast and budget your labour costs. This will allow various jobs to stay within budget. There are up to six levels of job costing, including job number and work centre. (Example: Job # + Work Centre = 2 levels).

Some features include: forecasting, tracking direct or indirect labour, reporting and exporting detailed information, identifying the most and least profitable areas of your business, and other third-party solutions as needed (i.e. ERP System).

Job Costing (Add-On Module)

PC Entry (Add-On Module)

PC Entry allows Canadian businesses to replace traditional data collection terminals with virtual data collection. This means huge cost savings for your business! Definable function keys, such as “job in”, “job out” or “work order,” make for a very user-friendly experience. Employees can also clock in or out from their desk using their badge or pin number. An optional wedge reader makes clocking in or out from a shift as easy as a swipe.

This system is SQL compatible with no additional seat licenses required. The PC Entry Add-On Module will reside on your network as a virtual terminal. You will have the ability to validate time stamps, employees, work orders, and many other items. A convenient dropdown lookup list is also available.

PC Entry (Add-On Module)

Optional Add-On Modules

You can choose from the following modules:

Labour Distribution
Job Costing
Employee Self Serve Kiosk
Access Control
Points Tracking
Photo ID

As part of Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc.’s ongoing commitment to providing solutions for every client’s needs, we built additional modules which can be fully integrated into Enterprise Suite. Whether you need a module from the get-go or want assurance that Enterprise Suite Premier will grow with your business, our modules can be quickly installed at any time to start making your business more efficient.

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