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Photo ID Solutions

Photo ID Solutions for Canadian Businesses

Photo ID Solutions simplify and speed up the issuing of security identification cards. The process begins by transferring ID data (for example, names, employee numbers, and departments) into a computer. Next, take a photo with a digital camera. The badging software then combines your organization’s logo, photo, and ID data in a specified badge format. Cardholder data stored in a PC or file server database can be used to develop security reports or in access control, data management, or similar systems.

Photo ID Module — Add-On for Enterprise Suite

This smart solution delivers reliable performance, high quality results, and the ultimate in user convenience. The Stand-Alone Photo ID System comes bundled with free design software for smart designs, making it quick and easy to use.


User Friendly
Simple Badge Utility
Eight Templates
Compatible with Most Card Printers

Design and print employee badges directly from Enterprise Suite. Adding photo ID to employee badges reduces misidentification and increases security!

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Photo ID (Add-On Module)

Stand-Alone Photo ID Solution

Smart Solution - Complete Package for Making Custom ID Badges

The Smart Solution delivers reliable performance, high quality, and user convenience.

Features Include:


Free Bundle Design Software (Smart Design)


Show Real-Time Process Status through Two-Line LCD Window
Front Card In/Out System (Front Side Hopper Stacker)
Convenient Semi-Cartridge Type Ribbon & Cleaning Roller

To learn more about this product, click here.

Stand-Alone Photo ID System

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