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Human Resources Integration

Web-based Solutions for Human Resources Management in Toronto

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with your human resources management duties? Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. can help you streamline your job duties. We offer Human Resources Integration technology in Toronto and all of Canada. You can automate time-consuming human resources management (HR) tasks with a single, integrated system.


The human resource management system we offer is a web-based integration solution that makes it easier for you to streamline your human resources tasks, such as benefits administration, incident performance management, training tracking and much more. At the same time, this integration creates a positive working environment for your employees and helps to improve employee engagement.

Contact Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. today to learn what we can do for you. We serve our services to all customers in Toronto and across Canada.


What Is Human Resources Management?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a critical element within any business enterprise, overseeing all aspects of employment, from recruitment to retirement. At Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc., effective human resource management guarantees that the enterprise attracts, keeps, and develops a professional workforce. This involves dealing with employee relations, repayment, benefits, education, and compliance with employment laws.

Human resources management in Toronto entails addressing the precise needs of a large urban workforce. We assist you in navigating the complexities of labour policies, multicultural integration, and evolving administrative center standards. Effective practices help create a productive work environment wherein employees feel valued and stimulated.

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. aims to align its human resources with its business dreams, specializing in strategic human resource management. This involves continuously enhancing HR rules and practices to support the business enterprise's growth and hold an aggressive area within the market.


Reliable HR Management Solutions

At Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc., our high-performance web-based human resource management solutions help you optimize staff scheduling and payroll processes. We can provide you with the widest range of facility management systems in Toronto to help you run the operations of your organization smoothly while saving time.

We can provide comprehensive human resources management solutions in Toronto, such as recruitment, training, certification management, onboarding, off-boarding, and incident/discipline tracker. This will help you manage your staff and employees most efficiently, time-saving and cost-effectively.

Human capital management features

Benefits of HR Management Solutions

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. is here to help you with intelligent solutions to make your operations easier and more efficient. With advanced technologies, you do not have to spend time on redundant tasks. Our human resources management solutions will assist you in managing your HR systems efficiently.
Here are the benefits of the HR management solution:

Customizable systems: Every business is different and has unique requirements. You can customize the HR Management solutions according to your salary structure, work schedule and other protocols.

Increased efficiency of the HR team: Storing documents and managing employee information can be time-consuming tasks. The management solution can be used to automate redundant tasks like
processing payroll. When such tasks are automated, your HR team has more time to focus on important issues.

Improved employee schedule: The HR management tool not only streamlines the job of your HR team but also helps your employees manage their time off, sick leave and more. Your employees can enter the record by using their smartphones at ease.

Improved decision-making: The data can be further utilized to gain insights. You will get a deeper understanding of the current situation and will be able to make better future decisions.

Data security: Your
data is safe on the cloud and can be accessed as and when required.

Efficient processes: The HR management solutions we provide eliminate the risk of human error and help you with accurate information, be it
attendance monitoring or leave tracking. The solutions can be combined with biometrics for a more efficient system.

System Features Snapshot

Our HR module can integrate with our web-based Time and Labour Management Solution through an optional plug-in. On its own, our HR solution offers many features to help you optimize your job performance, including


Applicant tracking candidate self-service
Interview tracking
Applicant self-service


New hire checklist
Custom forms


Company property management
Vehicle management


Skills tracking
Course management
Certificate tracking


Document storage
Wiki self-generated content
Organizational chart
Company events and news


Case tracking and reporting
Incident-based email notifications


Job requisitions


Termination details/history/checklist
Exit interview


Competencies, goals, core values
ESS employee
MSS multiple


User-created fields/user-created screens
Report writer
Export to Excel, PDF and more

Why Choose Us?

You should choose us for efficient human resources management in Toronto because

Expertise and experience: Our team brings years of human resources management experience. We deeply recognize the Toronto marketplace and are well-versed in the local employment legal guidelines and regulations. This knowledge guarantees that your business remains compliant while correctly handling your personnel.

Customized HR solutions: We recognize that every employer has specific HR needs. That's why we offer customized solutions strategized to fulfill your unique needs. Whether you want assistance with payroll control, employee benefits management, or talent acquisition, our offerings are tailor-made to suit your organization's goals and objectives.

Comprehensive support: From recruitment to retirement, we offer complete support for all your human resources management requirements. Our offerings encompass recruitment and staffing, overall performance control, worker training and improvement, compliance management, and more. We intend to be a one-stop solution for all your HR necessities, ensuring your personnel are nicely controlled, and your industrial agency runs effortlessly.

Commitment to client satisfaction: Client satisfaction is our top priority. We carefully strategize with you to recognize your enterprise dreams and provide answers that align with your strategic objectives. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that you obtain tremendous HR services that contribute to the success of your commercial enterprise.

Contact Us

Depending upon your specific requirements, our team can advise you on your organization’s most suitable integrated human resources management systems. Get in touch with us today to get a quote. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. is committed to providing customized HR management solutions for your needs.

Complete Human Resource Management in Toronto

We can provide comprehensive human resource management solutions for your organization.

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