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Time Clocks

High-Performance Time Clock Machine in Toronto

An employee time clock is a device that records the total work hours of the employee from start to end. Time clocks can provide you with accurate punch-in data that allows the HR department to pay employees for hours worked. Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. provides a time clock machine in Toronto. With a broad range of time recorders, from side printers to traditional time and date stamping machines - whether you need a clock for time and date stamping, document stamping, or tracking your employee hours for payroll, we have a solution for you. Reach out to us today to know more about our time clock machine in Toronto.


Types of Time Clocks

Time clocks are purpose-built to track and record the attendance of your personnel electronically. Here are some of the most common types of time clocks:


Punch Card Clocks
Digital Clock
Time Station Software
Fingerprint Clocks
Hand Punch Clocks


Keeping track of the employee work hours is extremely important. As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, it is mandatory to maintain records of your nonexempt employees. At Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc., we can help you select the best one for you.


Time Clocks for All Canadian Offices


Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. is the premier supplier of time clocks that can help you manage your staff’s attendance and hours. With our range of manual, automatic and digital time clocks, you can save on time and effort. Our efficient systems help you manage your facility and streamline your processes. With high-performance time clocks from Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc., you can switch to a more organized way of recording your employee hours and attendance.


Save on Manpower and Money


Using traditional methods of bookkeeping can be highly inefficient, time-consuming and expensive. Whether you are looking for a basic model with standard features or an advanced time clock machine with specialized configurations, we can provide you with a range of sophisticated time-clock systems for your office or institution.


Time clocks automatically collect data and perform complex calculations, thereby reducing the t HR staff’s time and spending less time verifying hours and sorting through timesheets with minimum or no error.

Our Time Clock Models



Replace time sheets and clocks with this computerized time calculating terminal from Amano®. Eliminate time theft and costly calculation errors. This system accommodates up to 100 employees.



This flexible electronic time recorder will meet the needs of your contemporary business. You will enjoy a variety of standard features and many optional accessories. Choose from 31 selectable preset imprint formats.



Capable of handling any type of time and date stamping application, this heavy-duty electronic machine features 91 preset imprints and two customizable imprint formats.


Acroprint ETC

Expect years of accurate and dependable use with the Acroprint ETC time and date stamping machines. Features include an impact-resistant case, long-life print wheels and variable stamping impact.

Acroprint ETC
Why Buy from Us?


When you buy from us, Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. delivers high-quality products combined with the promise of quality and efficiency. Our time clocks help you streamline your processes in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.


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Call us for a no-obligation quote. Our team can advise you on the most suitable time clock machines for your offices after considering your specific needs. We can also provide you with a free demo of our high-performance products.

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Efficient Time Clock Machines in Toronto

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. is the trusted seller of reliable and efficient Time Clock Machines in Toronto.

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