Photo ID

Photo ID Solutions for all Canadian Businesses

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. guarantees a smart and cost-effective way to enhance interaction between employees and managers while maintaining security. As a photo ID provider, we have both stand-alone and integrated solutions to implement and maintain a photo identification program.

Stand-Alone Photo ID System

This smart solution delivers reliable performance, high quality results, and the ultimate in user convenience. The Stand-Alone Photo ID System comes bundled with free design software for smart designs, making it quick and easy to use.

Features and benefits of the system include:

  • Cost-Competitive Pricing

  • Show Real-Time Process Status through Two-Line LCD window

  • Front Card In/ Out System (Front-Side Hopper Stacker)

  • Convenient Semi-Cartridge Type Ribbon & Cleaning Roller

Photo ID (Add-On Module)

With the Photo ID Module, you can easily design and print employee badges directly from our Enterprise Suite Software Solution. Adding photo ID to employee badges has proven to reduce misidentification and increase security. The module is designed with you in mind. In a few minutes you can create your own photo ID badges by transferring ID data, such as names, employee numbers, and departments into a computer, and include a photo from a digital camera. The badging software then combines an organization’s logo, photo and ID data in a customer-specified badge format. Cardholder data is stored in a PC or file server database, which can be used to develop security reports.

Features and benefits of the system include:

  • Create & Print Your Badges

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Simple Badge Utility

  • Eight Free Templates

  • Compatible with most Card Printers

Photo ID Accessories

We provide custom photo ID, generic proximity, magnetic stripe, and barcode badges. We carry a wide variety of badge accessories that include:

Photo ID Accessories

  • Neck Lanyards

  • Retractable Badge Reels

  • Peel & Stick Adhesive Badge

  • Overlays

  • Badge Holders

  • Clips

  • Chains

  • Slot Punches

  • Laminators

  • Laminating Pouches

  • PVC Cards

  • Card Printer Ribbons

  • …and much more!

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