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Rural Municipality of Pipestone

Rural Municipality of Pipestone Improves Payroll Efficiency and Saves 3 Hours Every Pay Period

Tina Stanley has been the Finance Assistant for the Rural Municipality of Pipestone for the last 10 years. Their biggest challenge was tracking the hours worked for their Public Works Department, which fluctuates between 25-50 employees, depending on the time of year.

Before selecting Enterprise Time Inc. as their Time & Attendance solution provider, they had lots of paper. They needed to streamline their processes, get rid of paper, excel sheets, and duplication of work.

“This has been huge so far!” Tina says. Within the first month of using the system, they were already saving time and money. “It took 4 hours during the payroll process to just enter things the old way. Now essentially, we just print a report and enter it into the payroll program. It went from 4 hours down to 1 hour.” The 3 hours she has saved, allows her to take on more tasks.

Now employees track and automatically submit the hours they work using a mobile app. They also have more visibility into their sick, vacation and bank time balances. “Now the guys have more accurate information as to where they stand. They can see it more in real time.”

When asked about her experience with our Implementation Team, Tina said “They were great! Support is very prompt, and everything was done quickly and efficiently from start to finish. I would recommend you 100%!”. 

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