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PiVAL International Inc.

Professional Training Services help our business continue to run smoothly in the absence of a key player at PiVAL.

PiVAL International Inc. is a 3rd Party Logistics Company Serving All of North America. From effective supply chain planning and management to time-critical expedited shipments – PiVAL offers complete, value-added logistics services to move businesses forward.

Lin Chen is the Director of Finance at PiVAL International Inc. PiVALuses Enterprise Suite On Demand as their Time & Attendance solution for their 150+ employees across Canada.

Employee turnover is a concern for most organizations today. When a member of their team left the organization who was a System Administrator for their Time & Attendance solution, Lin turned to our team to help. Through our professional training services, organizations are better equipped to recover quickly from disruptions and handle transitions gracefully.

When asked about her training experience, Lin said that they “Were very patient and provided amazing training! We also had a chance to look closely and use the opportunity to fix things up. They were a tremendous help.”

When commenting on the Enterprise Suite On Demand system itself, Lin said, “ The system is very sophisticated and opens up a lot of protentional. It’s very user-friendly, has a lot of things you can search for, and is not too complicated. It’s sophisticated but simple.”

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