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H&R REIT ditches the paper filing cabinets for a modern HRIS solution that delivers a great experience for HR staff and employees. 

Jannette Martin is the Manager of Human Resources for the property management company H&R REIT MSLP Western Group. She first joined the company in 2013 as an Office Supervisorbefore going back to school for her Human Resource Management Certificate.

Until about a year ago, she had never dealt with or heard of an HRIS system. “Everything was paper based. There were bits and pieces everywhere.” After researching 5 or 6 different companies, they selected Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. to implement their new Kronos HRIS system.

The team was fantastic!”, Jannette said. “They worked with me and my personality. They were patient and talked to me without the technical talk. Made sure I understood. I looked forward to my meetings with the implementation team and they made sure I understood what was happening at every step.

Timesheets are a wiz compared to what they were before. It’s so simple. The tracking of sick and vacation with the employee self-service is fantastic as they can see their balances. Everything is online, no paperwork, and employees are accountable for what they have.

When you go with Enterprise Time Inc.“ you are picking a system that is very user-friendly. An implementation that is user-friendly. It’s got everything I need to run my HR department. I don’t even have the paper file cabinet in my office anymore!”

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