Human Resources Solutions Features

Human Resources Solution Features

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. offers a web-based HR Integration system full of features that will help you manage your time and optimize your company’s time.

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Human Resources Management

As an HR representative, your job requires performing many human resources management duties. Rather than taking away time from your more pressing matters, you can now rely on the HR Integration system to perform your human resources management tasks for you. Our system is able to perform jobs such as:

   Onboarding: Which includes new hire checklists, personal information, property allocation, HR document creator and employee benefits overview and enrollment

   Benefits administration: Which includes employee self-service, defined benefits eligibility, benefits drive payroll deductions and effective date benefit plans

   Compliance: Which includes new hire reporting, notifications regarding date expirations, EEO reporting and worker’s compensations management

   HR resources: Which includes document storage, retrieval and tracking; employee directory and self-service; organizational charts; as well as company news and events

Talent Acquisition Integration

Another part of your job as an HR representative is to acquire new talent for your company. Rely on our HR Integration system to perform many of your talent acquisition tasks, including:

Talent Acquisition Integration

  • Internal and external job requisitions

  • Free/premium job board integration

  • Configurable online applications

  • Candidate self-service

  • Pre-screening questions

  • Resume parsing

  • Applicant/interview notifications and tracking

  • Background screening with third-party partner

  • Recruiting insights such as trends and visual metrics

Talent Management Integration

Once the new talent has been hired, part of your duties is to manage those who work for your company. Our system is able to integrate many of these tasks, including:

Talent Management Integration

  • Compensation management

  • Job, position and cost centre history

  • Salary history

  • Benefit statements

  • Pay grades and steps

  • Total compensation analysis

Our HR module integrates with our web-based Time and Labour Management Solution through an optional plug-in module. There is also a comprehensive add-on module available for our HR Integration system that can provide you with compensation cycles with budget data, worksheets for managers to model increases and much more. To learn more about this system and how it can help you, contact Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc.

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