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Access Control

Access Control System in Toronto

Access control is a physical security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. This is a simple but effective security technique that reduces risk in a business or an organization. 

Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. has a variety of solutions to ensure Canadian businesses can benefit from our stand-alone solutions and access control systems. These solutions can be fully integrated with our time and attendance applications to ensure businesses across Canada can depend on us, Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. to fulfill all their business needs.

Enterprise Suite Access Module

The Enterprise Suite Access Control Module allows you to secure certain areas of your building and control which users have access to these areas.

Ares Guard Tour System

These easy-to-use, small, lightweight, and durable tracking systems ensure your personnel are making their rounds. Simply touch the M6000 recorder to the recording station’s “iButton” and the location, date, and time are recorded. The reader holds up to 5,461 transactions that can be easily downloaded to any PC or computer. The Ares Guard System allows authorized users to collect, download, and review data, as well as generate reports. 

By adopting access control systems for your companies, not only can you regulate the physical entry limits of your employees to buildings, IT asset areas and other important computing resources, but also track their Time & Attendance.  

Safeguard your workspace by adopting a quality access control system in Toronto today. By doing this, you will be restricting your employees to certain proprietary areas or data centers. This removes the risk of unauthorized access or operations as such cases will raise an alarm immediately. The access control system is one of the common methods to safeguard information.

How Does This Work? 

The access control system is an electronic system that uses electronic keys to unlock doors. Employees will have to carry the electronic chip along with them. Different location or specified regions can have different access codes and only authorized personnel will have the access codes.

 Download the Ares Guard Tour Systems brochure (PDF).

For additional information on the Ares Guard Tour System or any other product, simply call Enterprise Time Recording Solutions Inc. today! Contact us if you need access control systems in Toronto.

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